Based on the findings of the 2014 LCP Chemical public health assessment, ATSDR recommends the following:

  • Restricting some LCP Chemicals Site areas from residential and commercial development unless further steps are taken to prevent contact with PCB, mercury, lead, PAH, and dioxin contamination that remains in soil on the property.
  • Additional soil sampling in and around the former cell building’s footprint because of residual soil contamination if future plans include development of this area.
  • Additional sampling in areas where sampling data are limited. In general, the western portion of the site has been sampled more than the eastern portion. Particular attention should be given to the former cell building area should the land use change and to future enclosed structures built above the caustic brine pool area.
  • Continued monitoring of fish and shellfish in the Turtle River and in the marsh near the LCP Chemicals Site. The Georgia DNR continues to monitor seafood in the area and to maintain the fishing advisory for the Turtle River System.
Page last reviewed: July 9, 2015