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Appendix C: Workshop Agenda

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Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

Division of Health Assessment & Consultation

ATSDR Soil-Pica Workshop

Lenox Inn Buckhead
3387 Lenox Road, NE
Atlanta, GA

June 7-8, 2000

Agenda: Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Introduction and opening comments

8:00 AM Registration

8:30 AM Welcome, introductions, and logistics Catherine McKinney

8:45 AM Goals and charge to workshop Henry Falk

9:00 AM Overview of ATSDR's Child Health Initiative Rob Amler

9:15 AM Purpose of meeting; review of charge Catherine McKinney

9:30 AM Definition of soil-pica, overview of soil-pica in

ATSDR assessments, and site-specific example David Mellard

9:45 AM Community perspectives on soil-pica behavior Michael Maes

Anthony Thomas

10:00 AM BREAK

Discussion on the prevalence of soil-pica

10:15 AM Incidental influences on total dust/soil ingestion Natalie Freeman

10:30 AM Geophagical clays: extraction, preparation, and distribution Don Vermeer

10:45 AM Open discussion on prevalence of soil-pica Panelists

12:00 PM LUNCH

1:00 PM Continued discussion on prevalence of soil-pica Panelists

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 2000 (continued)

1:30 PM Comments from observers

1:45 PM Conclusions about prevalence of soil-pica Panelists

Discussion on soil ingestion rates for pica children

2:00 PM Optional presentation by panel member on soil-pica ingestion rates TBD


3:00 PM Open discussion on soil-pica ingestion rates Panelists

4:30 PM Comments from observers

4:45 PM Conclusions about prevalence of soil-pica ingestion rates Panelists



Discussion on identifying soil-pica children

8:30 AM Activities contributing to exposure and ingestion of soil/dust Natalie Freeman

9:00 AM Open discussion on identifying soil-pica behavior Panelists

10:15 AM BREAK

10:30 AM Continued discussion on identifying soil-pica behavior Panelists

11:00 AM Comments from observers

11:15 AM Conclusions about identifying soil-pica behavior Panelists

11:45 AM LUNCH

Discussion on additional topics

1:00 PM Discussion on additional topics Panelists

Closing discussion

2:00 PM Revisit key findings Panelists


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