ATSDR Asbestos Work

ATSDR has been involved in both general research on asbestos and in evaluating exposures to asbestos at specific sites. Our reports are available to the public.

Please note: The reports listed here were based on information current at the time of publication. Many contain information that documents ATSDR’s involvement in asbestos-related public health evaluations and is still valid. The reader should keep in mind, however, that some information presented in these reports may not reflect the most current scientific consensus.

ATSDR general asbestos research
ATSDR site work – public health assessments, health consultations, and research publications 
Sites related to natural deposits of asbestos or mining operations (by state)


  • Ambler – Evaluation of asbestos exposures in a town where gravel containing natural asbestos was used to cover roads; June 2007 [PDF – 847KB]


  • El Dorado Hills – Evaluation of community-wide exposures to naturally occurring asbestos in El Dorado County; August 2011 [PDF – 603MB]
  • Oak Ridge High School – Evaluation of exposures to naturally occurring asbestos at a high school campus in El Dorado County; January 2006 [PDF – 424KB]


  • Westville NOA – Letter to state with advice for local agencies on naturally occurring asbestos; October 2009 [PDF – 194KB]
  • Minefields Asbestos Site – Evaluation of activity-based sampling for naturally occurring asbestos at a youth camp; July 2012 [PDF – 245KB]
  • Bald Friar Quarry – Evaluation of activity-based sampling for naturally occurring asbestos at a youth camp; December 2012 [PDF – 249KB]

North Carolina



Sites related to asbestos from buildings or other processed asbestos products (by state)


  • Redwood Early Childhood Center – Evaluation of exposures at a school near a former Libby vermiculite processor; March 2013 [PDF – 1.5MB]



New York

  • World Trade Center – Report including evaluations of asbestos exposures resulting from the World Trade Center disaster; September 2002 [PDF – 3.76MB]




  • New London Apartment Building – Evaluation of asbestos exposures at an apartment building where improper asbestos removals occurred during renovation; February 2008 [PDF – 91KB]
  • Former Solvay Coke Facility – Evaluation of health concerns related to asbestos in stockpiled demolition debris; August 2008 [PDF – 596KB]
Sites related to Libby, Montana vermiculite mining and processing
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