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Primary care providers face increased patient concerns about the effect environmental contaminants have on their health. Yet few primary care providers are prepared to address these patient concerns. Busy primary care providers (today) seek creditable, fact-based resources to learn more about the environment’s impact on health and how to respond to patient concerns.

ATSDR is striving to meet this need with evidence-based, environmental medicine educational materials that primary care providers can use to address environmental threats that have potential to impact the health of their patients.

ATSDR Health Education Materials

ATSDR educational materials are identified below. All are available free of charge with many offering accredited continuing education (CE). All are hyperlinked below for ease of access.

ATSDR has listed below some materials developed in collaboration with external partners. When accessing materials developed jointly with our partners, the learner will exit the ATSDR website and transition to the webpages of ATSDR partners.

How to Access ATSDR Educational Materials and Receive Continuing Education (CE)

Accessing ATSDR educational materials is streamlined within the table below. This allows easier access to course materials. Here are the steps to take if you want to receive CE for this course:

  1. Select the hyperlink name for the course from the “Title” column below to open an individual title. Doing so provides full access to the course content of the selected title.
  2. Select the hyperlink course number from the “To Access Continuing Education” column below to register for CE and complete the posttest requirements for the course you have selected. Once all posttest requirements are successfully completed you will be able to print the CE certificate.
    • All CE administrative processes are managed through the CDC Training and Continuing Education Online (TCEO) program. For additional technical assistance on accessing posttest and receiving CE certificates please contact TCEO at

ATSDR Educational Materials

Course Title To Access Continuing Education
Continuing education
A Story of Health: Asthma – Brett’s Story WB4177R
A Story of Health: Cognitive Decline: Sam’s Story WB4283R
A Story of Health Infertility: Reiko & Toshio’s Story SS4533
A Story of Health: Learning/Developmental Disabilities – Amelia’s Story SS4306R
A Story of Health: Leukemia – Stephen’s Story WB4256R
A Story of Health: Wildfire Health Impacts- Sofia’s Story WB4465
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Continuing Education Module WB4149
ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine:  Carbon Tetrachloride Toxicity WB2888
ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine:  Environmental Triggers of Asthma WB2490
ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine: Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol Toxicity WB4342
ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine:  Lead WB2832
ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine:  Taking an Exposure History WB2579
ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine:  Tetrachloroethylene WB4066
New ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine:  Trichloroethylene Toxicity SS4561
ATSDR Clinician Brief: Radon CE not currently available
New ATSDR Clinician Brief: Ethylene Oxide CE not currently available
Child Development, Resilience and the Environment WD4516
New Clinician Overview: Radon WD4554
Lead Exposure Pathways and Mitigation of its Effects WB2841
Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit Training Module CE not currently available
Surviving Field Stress for First Responders CE not currently available

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