How can I reduce my exposure and my family’s exposure?

How can you find out if you’ve been exposed to TCE?

Medical testing for TCE is generally not recommended. TCE can be measured in exhaled breath up until a few hours after exposure. Special equipment is needed. Typically your indoor air testing is more useful to determine how much TCE you are being exposed to. TCE breakdown products can be measured in your urine for a week or two after exposure. This is generally a more useful test in worker settings where TCE exposures are moderately high and occur every work day. TCE and its breakdown products can be detected in the blood if you are exposed to high or very high levels. These medical tests are not usually available at your doctor’s office; they require special equipment and need to be sent to specific laboratories. There is no medical treatment to remove TCE from your body; you must remove yourself from the exposure.

Page last reviewed: December 29, 2015