How can I reduce my exposure and my family’s exposure?

If there’s TCE in the groundwater near your home, foundation cracks and the places where utility lines enter your home should be sealed to prevent TCE vapors from coming into the home by vapor intrusion. Sump pumps may also need to be sealed. Adequate ventilation will help reduce the amount of vapors in your home. If necessary, vapor control systems are installed to prevent TCE vapors from getting inside. Containers of products that contain TCE should be sealed and stored properly to prevent breathing-in TCE vapors. You should only buy as much as you need. Replace products that contain TCE with products that do not contain TCE when possible. When using TCE-containing products, follow the safety instructions on the product labels, including using the product in a well-ventilated area, in order to reduce exposure. If drinking water is contaminated with TCE, take shorter, cooler showers to reduce TCE vapors. Always use the vent fan in your bathroom and laundry room. In certain cases, a filtration system on the main water supply to your house may be needed to remove TCE.

Page last reviewed: December 29, 2015