Interaction Profile for Selected Metallic Ions Identified in Waste Water from Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction Activities

Draft Interaction Profile - August 2023

Draft for Public Comment
Comments may be submitted via
Public Comment Period Closes on November, 2023


  • Barium 7440-39-3
  • Calcium 7440-70-2
  • Iron 7439-89-6
  • Magnesium 7439-95-4
  • Manganese 7439-96-5
  • Sodium 7440-23-5
  • Strontium 7440-24-6

Complete Profile [PDF – 4 MB]

  • The table of contents and list of individual PDF files are given below.

Preface [PDF – 924 KB]

  • Summary
  • Contributors
  • Peer review
  • Contents
  • List of figures
  • List of tables
  • List of acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols

Introduction [PDF – 885 KB]

Interaction Data for the Mixture [PDF – 1 MB]

  • 2.1 Mixture of Concern
  • 2.2 Component Mixtures

Recommendation for Exposure-Based Assessment of Joint Toxic Action of the Mixture, [PDF – 1,011 KB]

Conclusions [PDF – 827 KB]

List of References [PDF – 813 KB]

Appendices [PDF – 1 MB]

  • A. Background Information for Barium
  • B. Background Information for Calcium
  • C. Background Information for Iron
  • D. Background Information for Magnesium
  • E. Background Information for Manganese
  • F. Background Information for Sodium
  • G. Background Information for Strontium
  • H. Noncancer Health Guidance Values for Selected Metals
  • I. Mixtures of Inorganic Components Identified in Waste Water from Unconventional Gas Extraction Activities
  • J. Database Query Strings for Combinations of Selected Metallic Ions (Barium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium, and Strontium)

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Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). 2023. Interaction Profile for Selected Metallic Ions  (Draft for Public Comment). Atlanta, GA: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service.


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