2.0 Community Involvement

Introduction to the Community Involvement Section

Imagine that a public health assessment team has arrived in your town to investigate possible health issues related to the old leather tannery property. You read in the local paper that the team came because some people in the community told a public health official that they were concerned about rusting drums and other problems at the property. Your children attend school near the property, and you want to be certain that all necessary steps are taken to protect their health.

You would probably have questions for the public health assessment team and would want them to understand your concerns and to answer your questions. You might wonder how you and your neighbors could help with the process.

This section on community involvement describes how community members become active participants in the public health assessment process. The community involvement section also explains how the public health assessment team interacts with community members to address their concerns. Communication between the community and the team need to be clear and open throughout the public health assessment process.

To learn more about community involvement in the public health assessment process, click through this section.

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