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Data Resources

Links to a range of ATSDR resources where toxicologist, health professionals, community members, educators and health care providers can find data.

  • Environmental Health WebMaps
    A geographic display of health information in context with environmental hazards, roads, political boundaries, schools, landmarks, and hazardous waste sites.
  • Exposure and Health Registries - Environmental Health Surveillance Branch
    Designs and conducts surveillance and registry programs to evaluate the adverse health effects on persons exposed to hazardous substances
  • National Toxic Substance Incidents Program (NTSIP)
    The National Toxic Substance Incidents Program (NTSIP) collects and combines information from many resources to protect people from harm caused by spills and leaks of toxic substances.
  • The Social Vulnerability Index (SVI)
    ATSDR's Social Vulnerability Index uses U.S. census variables at tract level to help local officials identify communities that may need support in preparing for hazards, or recovering from disaster. Here you can find SVI publications, posters, presentations, and other materials.