Fairbanks North Star Borough (AK) near Eielson Air Force Base

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PFAS Exposure Assessment Community Level Results

In 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) started exposure assessments (EAs) in communities near current or former military bases known to have had per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in their drinking water. Individuals who participated in the EAs provided blood and urine samples to CDC/ATSDR for analysis. We sent letters to participants that included their individual lab results. An example letter of the test results letter and the community level results are available here.


In 2015, the Air Force began sampling private wells in the Moose Creek community immediately downgradient of Eielson AFB. Sampling showed the presence of two PFAS chemicals — perfuorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfuorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS)—at levels exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lifetime Health Advisory. The contamination likely originates from past aqueous flm forming foam (AFFF) use at Eielson AFB.

After discovering the PFAS contamination in Moose Creek residents’ private wells, the Air Force immediately began providing bottled water to affected well owners, and then implemented other mitigation efforts. This includes installing granular activated carbon (GAC) fltration on many homes in the Moose Creek community who consented to have them installed. Some homes have water delivered. In 2019 the Air Force released a plan for providing a piped water system from the City of North Pole to the Moose Creek community.

Sampling Area 

CDC/ATSDR identified Moose Creek as an area with private wells that had PFAS levels above the EPA health advisory. All households served by private wells in this area were invited to participate, even if their previous well testing results were below the health advisory and even if they had never tested their private wells. The exposure assessment only included households served by private wells.

Individuals in selected households were eligible to participate if they:

  • Were 3 years of age or older (Children will be included in the exposure assessment only if we have consent from a parent or legal guardian.)
  • Did not have a bleeding disorder and are not anemic
  • Have lived in the sampling area for at least one year before December 28, 2017
Image showing the boundaries of the Moose Creek communities. All households located in Moose Creek will be invited to participate in the exposure assessment.


CDC and ATSDR conducted an exposure assessment in Moose Creek mid-July through mid-August 2020. Recruitment lasted for four weeks, and sampling was conducted in late August. Individual results were mailed to participants February 11, 2021. If you participated in the exposure assessment and have not received your individual test results, please contact ATSDR at PFAS@cdc.gov. CDC/ATSDR will write a final report summarizing the findings and recommendations for your community and present the results at an information session.

Information session and recruitment held July 2020, field completed August 2020.

Information Session

For information on work being done in Moose Creek, contact Rhonda Kaetzel, ATSDR Region 10, at rkaetzel@cdc.gov or 206-553-0530

Page last reviewed: February 25, 2021