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Topic 1. Conclusions

  • Other Conclusions

The conclusion category assigned to the site helps health and environmental agencies plan and prioritize actions that need to be taken to safeguard public health in the community. In addition to the overall site conclusion category, public health assessment team members may have additional conclusions about site conditions, exposure pathways, community concerns, potential health effects, results of health outcome data evaluations, or the effect of missing or insufficient information on the assessment.

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Past site conditions

The conclusion category assigned to a site reflects current site conditions. Past conditions or future conditions might warrant different conclusions.

Contact with chemicals

If people are contacting chemicals from the site in several ways, the health impact from each type of contact may be different. The health assessor may assign a different conclusion category to each type of contact.

Health outcome data

If existing health outcome data are evaluated, a conclusion about that evaluation is usually presented.

All conclusions should be succinct and fully supported by information presented in the Discussion section of the document. Conclusions should be presented in order of public health priority or importance.

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