The resources below will help you plan for health and safety procedures and prepare for Log-In/Registration procedures for your soilSHOP event. Review and prepare the Health and Safety Checklist several months before your event. Print copies of the Health and Safety Checklist for your entire soilSHOP team to ensure all are informed and prepared for emergencies. Consider reviewing the Log-In Form a month before the event and customizing your soilSHOP sample labels to include details of your event. It is important for the staff to understand and review these forms as they will be used throughout the event to register participants and log their soil samples and screening results. Print plenty of copies of the form and soilSHOP sample labels the day before the event to ensure a smooth registration process.

Toolkit Materials

Health and Safety Checklist pdf icon[PDF – 763 KB]

Use this tool to plan and prepare for health and safety at your soilSHOP event.

soilSHOP Log-In Form (English) pdf icon[PDF – 188 KB]
soilSHOP Log-In Form (Spanish) pdf icon[PDF – 169 KB]

The Log-In Form is a tool used to collect information about each soil sample brought to the soilSHOP. The Log-In Forms can be prepared and printed a few weeks in advance of your soilSHOP event. Print enough copies for each anticipated soil sample.

soilSHOP Sample Label Template pdf icon[PDF – 80 KB]

PRINT ONLY. Use this tool to keep track of all soil samples brought to a soilSHOP. Print and prepare them a few weeks before your soilSHOP event.

Page last reviewed: May 24, 2022