Outreach and Partnership

Outreach is an essential piece of your soilSHOP work because it raises community awareness about the soilSHOP services and helps event planners better understand the community’s environmental health interests, concerns, and needs. These templates and tools are designed to help you advertise soilSHOP events to encourage community participation. Plan to distribute these materials in the months and weeks leading up to the event. Distribute these materials to the public and/or partner organizations and display them widely.

Toolkit Materials

soilSHOP Communication Planning Guide pdf icon[PDF – 792 KB]

Use this guide to help you plan communication efforts and promote your soilSHOP events.

Outreach Flyer Template pdf icon[PDF – 877 KB]

Customize the flyer template with information about your event.

soilSHOP Logo pdf icon[PDF – 456 KB]

Download to use the logo on your soilSHOP materials.

Soil Sampling Cartoon (Black and White) pdf icon[PDF – 889 KB]
Soil Sampling Cartoon (Color) pdf icon[PDF – 769 KB]

Customize the cartoon templates (black and white or color) with information about your event. Use our Communication Planning Guide pdf icon[PDF – 792 KB] to effectively advertise your soilSHOP.

Partnerships between organizations are important to the success of health promotion. They achieve greater outcomes than individuals or organizations acting alone. These benefits can include more effective service delivery.

Partnerships are a key component of soilSHOPs. Partners can provide additional resources to support the event, such as staff, soil screening equipment, and community contacts.  They can share responsibilities and offer other unique services to the community in addition to free soil screening and health education.

Potential partners for soilSHOPs can include:

  • Community leaders
  • Government (like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Non-governmental (like Cooperative Extension Service Organizations or Foundations)
  • Local and state health departments
  • Local and state environmental agencies
  • Local environmental conservation groups
  • Local gardening groups
  • Faith-based organizations
Toolkit Materials

soilSHOP Promotion Factsheet pdf icon[PDF – 326 KB]

Use this factsheet to engage partners and stakeholder to conduct a soilSHOP in your community.

Page last reviewed: May 24, 2022