Soil Screening

A soilSHOP soil screener wearing gloves while showing soil sample.

soilSHOP events are free and generally operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Residents can bring in several samples of soil from their yards and provide information about their soil sample on a Log-In Form. Event staff will screen soil on site and provide same-day results to event participants.

Trained technicians usually conduct soil screening at soilSHOP events. Soil screening volunteers are asked to:

  • become familiar with the soilSHOP process and soil screening guidance,
  • know how to use x-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments,
  • screen soil samples at the event, and
  • wear personal protective equipment.
Toolkit Materials

Soil Screening Guidance pdf icon[PDF – 2 MB]

This Soil Screening Guidance is intended for use by technicians and other soilSHOP soil screening staff. It provides an overall approach and some tips for successful soil screening.  The Soil Screening Guidance should be reviewed, modified, and applied by qualified scientists to meet the needs and operational guidelines/procedures of their representative agencies and organizations.

XRF FACTSHEET pdf icon[PDF – 404 KB]

Use this factsheet to learn about XRF equipment and its use during soilSHOP.

Screening Result Card pdf icon[PDF – 157 KB]

PRINT ONLY. The screening result cards are used to provide each participant with a take-home record of their soil screening result(s). This may also be used to share a disclaimer about the purpose of the soilSHOP and limitations of the soil screening.

Page last reviewed: May 24, 2022