Planning and Preparation

A successful soilSHOP begins several months before the actual event. Planning an event can take 3-5 months and include milestones such as having a kick-off call with your soilSHOP planning team, establishing a date and location for your event, conducting a site visit, and creating a staffing plan. Start by reviewing the planning tool below and familiarize yourself with the resources available within the toolkit. Keep in mind that many materials are set up as templates so you can customize the event by adding local contacts, regionally important information/resources, and custom graphics.

Toolkit Materials

soilSHOP Planning Tool pdf icon[PDF – 390 KB]

Use this tool to help you prepare for your soilSHOP event as it provides a planning checklist, staffing and roles sheet, materials list, and final checklist. These items will help you organize deadlines, materials, and identify staff for your event.

To find detailed soilSHOP coordination resources for event operations and safety visit the logistics page.

Page last reviewed: May 24, 2022