Using the soilSHOP Toolkit

A notebook and pen laying on soil next to growing plants ready to start planning a soilSHOP event.

Each community is unique, and so is your soilSHOP event. ATSDR developed this toolkit to help communities and other groups plan their own soilSHOP. Our toolkit provides the resources you need to plan your event from start to finish. Before using the soilSHOP toolkit, take a few minutes to review the 5-part soilSHOP Tutorial Series and watch our video library to learn more about soilSHOPs and the tools available to you.

soilSHOP Tutorial Series

This 5-part presentation series walks you through the steps needed to plan a soilSHOP. It provides staff with background and overview information, planning and preparation details, procedures for sample login/registration, soil screening, and health education.

Page last reviewed: May 24, 2022