Health Education

soilSHOP Health Educator with a clipboard explaining soil sample results to a community member.

Health education is a primary purpose of the soilSHOP event. Educating people about potential health problems caused by exposure to lead in soil is an important soilSHOP activity.

Health educators talk to soilSHOP participants one-on-one about the following:

  • results of the participants’ soil screening,
  • health problems that could be caused by exposure to high levels of lead, and
  • tips to lower exposure.

Also, health educators can:

  • review and design soilSHOP and other health education materials so that they meet the specific needs and concerns of the community, and
  • complete the soilSHOP Internal Consultation Evaluation Form after each one-on-one discussion to record outreach efforts.
Toolkit Materials

soilSHOP Health Education Planning Guide pdf icon[PDF – 3 MB]

This guide provides detailed information on soilSHOP target populations, health education strategies, and tools to engage community members in lead prevention efforts.

soilSHOP Trifolds (English) ppt icon[PPT – 109 KB] | pdf icon[PDF – 143 KB]
soilSHOP Trifolds (Spanish) ppt icon[PPT – 115 KB] | pdf icon[PDF – 142 KB]

PRINT ONLY. Print multiple copies of these for distribution on your event day – you may have passersby interested in soilSHOPs even though they did not bring a soil sample with them.

Raised Bed Gardening Poster pdf icon[PDF – 2 MB]

Use this poster at your event to engage participants and teach them about raised bed gardening, its benefits, and how to build one.

soilSHOP (Internal) Evaluation Tool pdf icon[PDF – 216 KB]

This tool can be completed by a health educator after each health education consultation with a soilSHOP participant, or interaction with an event passerby. This form can be prepared in the weeks leading up to your event and printed in sufficient copies so that there will be one form for each anticipated participant.

Page last reviewed: May 24, 2022