Local Zoning/Permitting

In many states, local planning and zoning boards make decisions about whether a property is acceptable for use as an ECE program. This often happens through the local permitting process. That means that local planning/zoning/permitting entities can be extremely important partners in a safe ECE siting program. One approach for finding problem ECE programs is to enlist the help of these local entities.

Local zoning or permitting boards can be educated to ask questions about nearby facilities and former uses of a property before granting a permit for new ECE program. They can also ask about the presence of nearby ECE programs when considering a permit for a new facility such as a nail salon or auto body shop. This approach can be done with few to no additional resources. Providing a protocol for local staff to follow, including questions they should ask, may be helpful.

One drawback of this approach is that it focuses on new ECE programs, not existing ones. Another drawback is that it can be resource intensive to provide training or outreach to a potentially large universe of local zoning/permitting officials spread throughout the state.

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Page last reviewed: October 30, 2018