CSPECE Disaster Recovery Supplement

During disaster recovery, affected communities might be at risk for exposure to harmful chemicals. Children are especially vulnerable. A child’s environment has direct consequences on their health and well-being. The Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education (CSPECE) Disaster Recovery Supplement can help environmental and public health professionals protect children from environmental exposures after a disaster.

Identifying potential environmental exposures to children while they are in childcare is important. The supplement can help identify environmental exposures that might harm children while they are in early care or elsewhere.

The supplement builds on concepts from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry’s CSPECE Guidance Manual. The supplement

  • defines places, in addition to early care, where children spend time,
  • describes how to apply CSPECE elements to places where children spend time,
  • identifies likely environmental hazards after a disaster and potential effects on children, and
  • compiles resources for more information on each environmental hazard or topic.
Page last reviewed: June 1, 2021