Connecticut Evaluation of Contaminated Groundwater Concern

Summary: Connecticut’s Childcare SAFER Programexternal icon identified a new childcare facility located close to a potentially contaminated site and identified risk of contaminated groundwater vapor intrusion.

Health professional collecting ground water samples.

The CT Childcare SAFER process, using a property history questionnaire, identified a childcare facility that was close to a potentially contaminated site. Follow-up work involved consultation with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and a review of existing environmental reports. This work revealed that groundwater contamination posed a potential vapor intrusion exposure concern for the facility.

CT Childcare SAFER recommended that the property owner or childcare operator conduct soil gas sampling to rule out the potential for vapor intrusion. Depending on the results, a depressurization system might be needed. The childcare facility wanted to open as soon as possible, and the property owner elected to install the system immediately. As a result of the SAFER Program, potential exposures to children from contaminants in groundwater will be permanently prevented by the installed system.

Page last reviewed: August 11, 2021