Idaho Property Checklist Screening for Environmental Hazards

Summary: After using the Property Checklist to evaluate a potential early care and education location, a childcare provider in Idaho decided not to purchase the site, a former gas station.

Health professional completing screening for environmental hazards.

Idaho’s voluntary Choose Safe Places Program encourages providers considering a site to use the Property Checklist, which

  • outlines potential environmental exposures to consider when assessing a site, and
  • lists specific resources providing more information about each type of hazard.

In the current pilot program, Idaho STARS Child Care Consultantsexternal icon assist providers in using the Property Checklist.

A provider used the Property Checklist for a potential childcare site formerly used as a gas station. When filling out the Checklist, the provider discovered that the former gas station had not been remediated. The Property Checklist helped the provider ask critical questions about environmental health risks when considering the site. The provider ultimately decided not to open their business in this location. The provider continues to look for a suitable site for their business and is using the Checklist to evaluate each location.

Page last reviewed: August 11, 2021