CDC/ATSDR SVI Publications & Materials

CDC/ATSDR SVI Publications & Materials

The SVI Utilization and Implementation Tool (SUIT) below is a database of scientific journal articles that feature the CDC/ATSDR Social Vulnerability Index. SUIT offers examples of how the SVI is used in research, covering a range of topics that include disaster management, community health, resource allocation, and medical treatment outcomes.

Article selection began with developing extensive queries and extracting articles from a wide array of scientific journal databases that included Medline, Embase, Global Health, PsychInfo, The Cochrane Library, CINAHL, Scopus, and ProQuest. Article inclusion criteria consisted of (1) articles published from Jan 2015 to Feb 2023 and (2) articles that used CDC/ATSDR SVI in a research or analytic capacity, which excluded editorials and articles that reference only the CDC/ATSDR SVI. We will review articles to add to the database periodically, and despite the thorough review, some papers may have been missed. If you believe your paper should be included, please email

Using the SUIT Database

The search bar at the top allows users to search through the articles in the table using journal specific keywords derived from the article abstracts. The advanced search option allows users to search by specific combinations of these keywords. Additionally, users can click on “Columns” to include/exclude columns, “Filters” to filter through the articles, or “Density” to change the row height. Hovering over the column headers shows more information about what the columns contain, and clicking on the column headers will sort the articles by ascending or descending order. Lastly, if the text contained within the cell is too long to display, hovering over the cell will display the full text.

The original Social Vulnerability Index article describes how and why the initial SVI was created. It was published in 2011 and was not included in the SUIT database, however, it is an important SVI article and is included here:

In addition to the journal articles in the publications table below, we also provide links to other materials, such as white papers, websites, and posters that incorporate SVI, and training videos for more information about SVI below the table.

Other materials using CDC/ATSDR SVI

For more information, please contact the CDC/ATSDR SVI Coordinator (