Understanding the PHA Process

ATSDR performs the public health assessment (PHA) process to determine whether people living near a hazardous waste site are being exposed to toxic substances, whether that exposure is harmful, and what must be done to stop or reduce exposure. The process enables ATSDR to identify and prioritize follow-up activities to protect public health.

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CDC/Dawn Arlotta: photographer: Cade Martin

ATSDR PHAT, Module 1
Circular diagram showing the 8 modules in the Public Health Assessment Training

Refer to Module 1, ATSDR and its Method, in ATSDR’s Public Health Assessment Training (PHAT) course. Learn about the PHA process and ATSDR’s responsibilities in this training module. The link below will take you to the module’s registration page in CDC TRAIN.


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Find helpful checklists to ensure you complete key action items at each step in the process.