Selecting Sampling Data

This section describes how to evaluate the usability and quality of environmental and biological sampling data (and, in some cases, modeling data) to examine environmental contamination at a site.

A person with gloves on bending over and collecting a water sample from a stream
ATSDR PHAT, Module 5
Circular diagram showing the 8 modules in ATSDR's Public Health Assessment Training

Refer to Module 5, Selection of Sampling Data, in ATSDR’s Public Health Assessment Training (PHAT) course. Learn how to select sampling data, perform knowledge checks, see case study examples, and perform case study exercises. The link below will take you to the module’s registration page in CDC TRAIN.


Exposure Units

Refer to ATSDR’s Guidance on Identifying Exposure Units prior to defining exposure units at your site. That guidance describes various factors to consider when defining exposure units and provides pathway-specific examples and case studies.

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