Exposure Pathways

This module describes how to clearly define, explain, and evaluate past, present, and future exposure pathways during the PHA process.

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ATSDR PHAT, Module 4
Circular diagram showing the 8 modules in the Public Health Assessment Training

Refer to Module 4, Exposure Pathway Evaluation, in ATSDR’s Public Health Assessment Training (PHAT) course. See case study examples, learn about evaluating exposure pathways for contaminants at hazardous waste sites, perform knowledge checks, and perform case study exercises. The link below will take you to the module’s registration page in CDC TRAIN.


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Refer to the Site Information Checklist [PDF – 853 KB] for an overview of the types of information needed to conduct an exposure pathway evaluation.

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Find resources to help you gather information to inform the exposure pathway evaluation. For example, use ATSDR’s Exposure Pathways Checklist Table [PDF – 100 KB] to evaluate all possible exposure pathways and see those that apply to your site.