Derivation of ATSDR Cancer CVs

Flow chart of the derivation of cancer CVs

CREG = cancer risk evaluation guide
CV = comparison value

CSF = oral cancer slope factor
IUR = inhalation unit risk

This figure shows how ATSDR derives its cancer CVs. ATSDR starts with contaminant-specific cancer risk values. These include health guidelines for chronic ingestion (CSFs) or chronic inhalation (IURs).

ATSDR applies a target risk level of 1 excess cancer in a population of 1 million to the CSFs and IURs.

ATSDR applies default, protective exposure assumptions to the CSFs (such as body weight and intake rate).

This process is how ATSDR derives the contaminant- and media-specific cancer CVs, either the chronic CREGs from the EPA CSFs or the chronic CREGs from the EPA IURs.

Page last reviewed: April 14, 2022