Common Types of Site Operations and History Information

Common Types of Site Operations and History Information
Site Operations and History Aspect
How Used in the PHA Process
Current and past activities conducted at the site
  • Process descriptions
  • Associated wastes generated
  • Open pits/holes
Indicate potential contaminants of concern at the site
Current and past hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal practices
  • Workers anecdotes about disposal of chemicals on site property
  • Waste manifest documents
Provide information on the potential for releases of contaminants to the environment
Date of specific site operations Period during which contaminant releases may have occurred Help identify the extent of contamination and contaminant migration
Uses of the site (past, current, and planned future, if different) Areas where the public or workers may be or could have been exposed to contaminants Provide details about exposure potential
Significant events in the site’s history
  • Changes in site size/boundaries
  • Changes in site ownership
  • Development of the site• Fires, explosions, and other non-routine events
Indicated location, types, rates, and times of contaminant releases
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