Toxicological Profile for 1,2-Dichloropropane

Title: Toxicological Profile for 1,2-Dichloropropane

Subject of Planned Report: The ATSDR toxicological profile succinctly characterizes the toxicologic and adverse health effects for the substance being described.

Purpose of Planned Report: The purpose of the toxicological profile is to provide a source of toxicological and epidemiological data on hazardous substances most commonly found at hazardous waste sites and in support of public health assessments at these sites.

Type of Dissemination: ISI

Timing of Review (including deferrals): April 2018

Type of Review (panel, individual or alternative procedure): Individual

Opportunities for the Public to Comment (how and when): A draft of this profile will be made available for public comment in 2019

Peer Reviewers Provided with Public Comments before the Review: No

Anticipated Number of Reviewers: 3

Primary Disciplines or Expertise: toxicology, environmental health, chemistry

Reviewers Selected by (agency or designated outside organization): CDC/ATSDR

Public Nominations Requested for Reviewers: No

1. Richard Byll
1. Byll, Richard
Academic and Professional Credentials DPH
Current Position Title Senior Scientist Emeritus
Organizational Affiliation(s) Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
Areas of Expertise, Discipline, Relevant Experiences Expertise / Discipline:  toxicology, biochemistry, chemistry
Experience: Dr. Michaels has chaired the State of Maine Scientific Advisory Panel and the Certification Review Board of the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals (ABCEP). He has been Secretary of the NFPA Comm. on Classification and Properties of Hazardous Chemicals, Board Member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, and Member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of science journals. He earned his PhD at SUNY at Stony Brook in 1979. In 2004 he was awarded ABCEP’s Kramer Medal for his contributions.
Recommended by Scientific/Professional Society or General Public No
2. Lisa M. Kamendulis
2. Kamendulis, Lisa M
Academic and Professional Credentials PhD
Current Position Title Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Organizational Affiliation(s) School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University
Areas of Expertise, Discipline, Relevant Experiences Expertise / Discipline: pharmacology, toxicology, occupational health and disease, toxicity studies
Experience: Dr. Lisa M. Kamendulis is Core Director, Oxidative Stress and Environmental Analysis Core at Indiana University Department of Environmental Health. After completing her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Dr. Kamendulis received her Ph.D. Toxicology from the University of New Mexico in 1994, where she studied mechanisms of hepatotoxicity, specifically focusing on the induction of apoptosis. Her research focused on examining mechanisms by which environmental agents and therapeutic drugs elicit liver cancer, both in vivo and in vitro rodent models to examine the role of oxidative stress in modulating growth regulatory signaling networks and gene expression elicited by nongenotoxic carcinogens. She has published over 60 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and book chapters in the areas of Toxicology and chemical carcinogenesis.
Recommended by Scientific/Professional Society or General Public No
3. Olen R. Brown
3. Brown, Olen R.
Academic and Professional Credentials MS, Ph.D.
Current Position Title Professor Emeritus, Board Certified Toxicologist
Organizational Affiliation(s) University of Missouri
Areas of Expertise, Discipline, Relevant Experiences Expertise / Discipline: toxicology, medical sciences, infectious disease, environmental health, microbiology, veterinary sciences
Experience: Dr. Brown has held appointments as Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO; Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center, the Graduate School; Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine; Dept. of Biomedical Sciences & Adjunct Professor of Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine. He has more than 100 publications and has been a peer reviewer for several federal agencies (NIH, NIEHS, CDC, ATSDR, Superfund and others).
Recommended by Scientific/Professional Society or General Public No

Charge to Peer Reviewers for 1,2-Dichloropropane

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