Toxicological Profile for Molybdenum

Title: Toxicological Profile for Molybdenum

Subject of planned Report: The ATSDR toxicological profile succinctly characterizes the toxicologic and adverse health effects for the substance being described.

Purpose of Planned Report: The purpose of the toxicological profile is to provide a source of toxicological and epidemiological data on hazardous substances most commonly found at hazardous waste sites and in support of public health assessments at these sites.

Type of Dissemination: ISI

Timing of Review (including deferrals):

Type of Review (panel, individual or alternative procedure): Individual

Opportunities for the Public to Comment (how and when): A draft of this profile will be made available for public comment in 2017

Peer Reviewers Provided with Public Comments before the Review: No

Anticipated Number of Reviewers: 3

Primary Disciplines or Expertise: toxicology, epidemiology, environmental health, chemistry

Reviewers Selected by (agency or designated outside organization):

Public Nominations Requested for Reviewers:

1. Alexander V. Lyubimov
1. Alexander V. Lyubimov
Academic and Professional Credentials MD, PhD, DABT
Current Position Title Director
Organizational Affiliation(s) Toxicology Research Laboratory, Chicago, IL
Areas of Expertise, Discipline, Relevant Experiences Toxicology, carcinogenicity, clinical pathology, and organic synthesis of therapeutic agents such as chemoprevention drugs, anticancer agents, chemical antidotes, cosmetics, solvents, pesticides, antibiotics, vaccines, immunoglobulins, stem cells, bacterial agents, biomaterials, and environmental pollutants.
Recommended by Scientific/Professional
Society or General Public
2. John D. Meeker
2. John D. Meeker
Academic and Professional Credentials ScD, MS, CIH
Current Position Title Professor & Senior Associate Dean for Research
Organizational Affiliation(s) School of Public Health
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Areas of Expertise, Discipline, Relevant Experiences Industrial technology, environmental science and engineering, exposure and risk assessment, environmental and reproductive epidemiology, industrial hygiene, endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as phthalates, BPA, pesticides, flame retardants, and others.
Recommended by Scientific/Professional
Society or General Public
3. Dagobert Heijerick
3. Dagobert Heijerick
Academic and Professional Credentials MSc
Current Position Title Senior Project Scientist
Organizational Affiliation(s) ARCHE Consulting
Gent, Belgium
Areas of Expertise, Discipline, Relevant
Environmental technology, metal toxicity, bioavailability and the development of bioavailability models for metals; risk assessments of metals (monitoring data and effects assessment); molybdenum
Recommended by Scientific/Professional
Society or General Public

Charge to Peer Reviewers

Additional elements to be added to the public posting as they become available
The ISI/HISA Dissemination Itself

Peer Reviewers’ Comments and CDC/ATSDR’s Response to Peer Reviewers’ Comments: Molybdenum Cdc-pdf[PDF – 215 KB]

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